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Laughlin River Run 2012 Preview

by uturn on March 13, 2012 · 1 comment

Laughlin River Run 2012 Previewlaughlin river run boobies

Laughlin River Run 2013 is closing in!

The Laughlin River Run will celebrate it’s 30th year in 2012 so expectations are high. Although attendance has been sliding over the past few years, I expect attendance to be up for this year’s event.

During the 2011 Laughlin River Run, the weather was a big factor in killing the party. The wind blew so hard that tents collapsed, in certain spots, and a lot of things had to be shut down for the rest of the show.

Bikonic had a tent at an event last year and the wind ripped it to shreds. It really took the fun out of the event for us, so we know where they were coming from.

Laughlin River Run Police Presence

Ever since the “Laughlin River Run Riot” in 2002, where 2 outlaw motorcycle clubs decided to have a brawl in the middle of Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, the local police force has been on full alert during the Laughlin motorcycle rally. I don’t know what everyone expected after this took place. Should Harrah’s have invited everyone back, stating that it was such great fun the year before that they want it to become an annual event?

I hear the complaints at our store, all the time, about the enormous police presence and how you just can’t have any fun anymore. I laugh every time I hear it and I tell everyone the same thing.

That’s bullshit!

You are in Nevada! You can still have a lot of fun, you just can’t break the law. You are able to gamble and drink 24/7. You are able to have an open container on the Laughlin strip (while walking around). As long as you don’t become a belligerent idiot and bother everyone else who is trying to have a good time, you’ll stay out of jail. Act like a complete idiot, get into fights, steal a bike and become a public nuisance, you’ll get hauled off to the local lock down where you belong.

We have been never been pulled over or harassed in the 10 years we have been going to the Laughlin River Run.

Laughlin River Run Entertainment

We have never been impressed with the entertainment at the Laughlin River Run and we really expected it to be awesome in 2012, since it is the 30th year for the rally.

The lineup is out for this year and I must say that, although I am one of the biggest Nugent fans out there, I am very disappointed again this year. Arizona Bike Week, which takes place at the end of March, has much better entertainment than the Laughlin River Run.

The excuse I have heard is because they charge you to get into the vendor area at Arizona Bike Week and the Laughlin River Run does not. You have to pay to see the entertainment at Laughlin, so if Arizona Bike Week includes it in the weekend or daily tickets, it is still a much better value. I would gladly pay the event pass for the entire week if I knew all the concerts were included.

The Laughlin River Run has Ted Nugent, playing on Friday night at the “E” Center at the Edgewater, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger
of the DOORS
, playing on Saturday night at the “E” Center at the Edgewater and then David Allen Coe, playing every night at 8pm and 9pm, at Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort. Tickets for Ted Nugent are $45 to $75, for Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of the DOORS, tickets are $45 to $75 and for David Allen Coe are $34.50. You can get all the information at the Laughlin River Run Concert Series.

Laughlin River Run Weather

The riding weather during the Laughlin River Run can vary, but for the most part it averages in the upper 80′s during the day, making it perfect for getting out and enjoying the area.

If you live in the southwest, the Laughlin River Run is well worth having a look.

We hope to see you there!

Paul “U-Turn” Charron

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